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Art and Freedom, 1987

1. Art is search for freedom. Freedom is an end in itself. Art is a means to this end.

2. There can be no freedom and no art where there is dependence. This is why art and freedom cannot speak for anything except themselves. They are declarations in their own favour.

3. Art needs drive, and depends for it on faith, hope and love.

Yet art, the divine spark, cannot do without an element of mandess, from which creation is not far removed. Art can only be called into being where the commonplace and the insipid have been defied. Art the sinless comes close to sin to become holy. The splendour of art also consists in that it is able to transform dirt and rubbish into a bunch of wild flowers.

It can turn the crumbling building of daily routine into a magnificent edifice of artificial (artistic) reality.

Only in the reality of art may we become genuinely free and independent.

Natalia LL
25 may 1987, Wrocław