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“Opera Omnia 3. Energetic Intimacy” EGO Gallery, Poznań

photographs: Szymon Brodziak

OPERA OMNIA 3 I have been wondering about the specific energy or power, a kind of vis vitalis that lies at the foundation of artistic creation. In my case it is the recognition, definition and limitation of intimate territory conceived as the only kind of activity that opposes breakdown, entropy and destruction. This private and discrete intimacy becomes a charming garden in which I discover amazingly beautiful flowers hitherto unknown to me. I would be happy if some of my heuristic works could make other people happy and enrich them as recipients of my art.

Natalia LL
August 2008

ENERGETIC INTIMACY Forbidden spheres of privacy and intimacy in time become a magical sphere of imaginary reality. Artistic penetration of this sphere seems to result in meaningful and creative discoveries. I observer in true astonishment the enormous power that is contained in delicate privacy. It is as if I held in my hand a hammer of fluff, a silken whip or an armour of fur. In art those delicate objects become battering rams. That is why I am trying to discover the energy of intimacy that has the power resembling that of atomic, i.e. nuclear energy.

Natalia LL
September 2008