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Points of support, 1978-1978

Interpretation of an action

The sense of art appears more and more clearly to be conscious activity. The subjective character of art (1), about which we forget in times of mediumal convulsions is corroborated by the current artistic practice. Since the artist’s function in this practice is not only creative but also subjective-objective (2). It is as if hę were a barometer forecasting a change in the weather though the sun be shining.

The sun is one of the millions of stars in the Galaxy. Supplying the earth with warmth and light, it is one of the many stars which, like our solar system, are in all probability equipped with satellites (3). However, I live on Earth and take in everything from a specific angle which characterizes my presence in the Universe. I want to comprise in myself macro and microcosm reducing them to a psychophysical orientation which is limited by my physical finitude. Thus I will be a medium for reproducing macrocosm in earthly conditions.

Points of support are places that as accurately as possible reproduce on a reduced scale cosmic phenomena as models on the Earth. In this way, I reproduce 18 constellations of the northern sky. These constellations are: 1. Andromeda, Aquila (4), 3. Auriga (5), 4. Bootes (6) 5. CanisMajor (7), 6. Canis Minor (8), 7. Cassiopeia, 8. ComaBerenices (9), Cygnus, 10. Gemini (10), 11. Leo (11), 12. Lyra (12), 13. Orion, 14. Scorpius (13), 15. Taurus (14), 16. Triangulum (15), 17. Ursa Major (16), 18. Ursa Minor (17).
Impressed in the grass of the Pieniny National Park, they are an intentional replica of a gigantic pattern. Thus there comes into being a particular relationship of the congruence and adeąuacy of extraterrestrial phenomena to the materially existing immaterial art.

In the action “Points of Support”, the Earth is a screen on which I try to represent the finiteness of the infinite Cosmos. Reducing phenomena unimaginably great to the human format, I make them finitely great. Yet this finite greatness remains unimaginable or hardly imaginable, for it is composed of ephemeral touches bestowed on the ground.

Natalia LL
August 11th, 1978 Czorsztyn
October 4th, 1979, Wrocław

1 Andrzej Lachowicz, Raport 1979.
2 Ryszard K. Przybylski, Theses on the Subjective Formulation of Art.
3 Ludwik Oster, Modern Astronomy.

4 Eagle
5 Charioteer
6 Ox-driver
7 Great Dog
8 Little Dog
9 Hair of Berenice
10 Twins
11 Lion
12 Lyre
13 Scorpion
14 Buli
15 Triangle
16 Great Bear
17 Little Bear

Translated by Henryk Holzhausen