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Visual Language, 1974

Had art been identical with life most probably it would have disappeared among daily activities and behavior.

Reality as presented or described by art does not fit the image created by cognition based on everyday experiences.

I destroy and fight those common and schematic experiences: seeing does not mean thinking.

Art seems to operate within very complicated structures both semantic and morphological.

I would advocate a constant development of research aiming at creating “uncommon” and “impossible” structures to be realized in every-day reality.

The goal this research is to elaborate the records which cannot be materialized or the, materialization of which will be exceedingly difficult. Experiences from reality arÄ™ necessary only as far as the formulation of morphology of signs, therefore they will serve to create the signs ofpossibly perfect translucence in respect to that reality.

Finally the visual language will be comprehensible only within the limits of the image itself and any anecdotic motivation will loose its sense. In this way art will become art.

Natalia LL
December 1974