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“Miękkość Dotyku 2007” Galeria BWA, Zielona Góra


● Cognition is a kind of inner experience of a physical and spiritual character. The physical state of a photograph is a product of its photochemical nature. The spirituality of a photograph rests on its ambiguity and multi-source character.

● The sense of touch is a bridge connecting us with the nature of reality. A photograph is a record of the contact between an optical image and the surface of a photosensitive film. What we see is a touch of light on the retina of the eye. The touch of cognition is a record of an inner, spiritual experience on the physical surface of photographic paper.

● Through the touch of cognition we perceive things in the way we ourselves can be perceived. By observing the outer world and describing it with the touch of cognition, we create a new reality of art.

Natalia LL, 10 June 2001

Translated by Jarosław Fejdych