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“Private Magics” from the OPERA OMNIA collection, FF Gallery, Photography Forum, Łódź

The magicality of everyday reality is shocking as it is. My behaviour often results from some overwhelming urge whose principle l am unable to grasp. The unknown of what awaits me makes me look for someone l can lean on within myself and within those who are closest to me. In the time between dreaming and waking l can often feel the energy of those people.

Art plays an important part in the scheme of things here as a language of communication, of the initiation into the world, our knowledge of which can never be complete.

Rubik’s cube, Rainbow, Chanukkah candleholder, Shisha or the moslem water-pipe, a doll with voodoo pins stuck in it or me, changing into a raven, are all elements of a world which bewitches and mystifies me. This is what l want to show to my niece as the legacy of the hyper-sensitivity of women’s gender.

The rainbow has always fascinated me. Both as a symbol of Jehova’s and Noe’s reconciliation or as the result of the dispersion of white light into basic colours in droplets of water. l would like to stand inside a rainbow and using the language of semaphore signals, which is proof to electronic distortions, tell people that there is meaning to life, that we exist. And even after death our energetic faculties shall not be forgotten. Because life is an inerasable fact. For centuries.

Natalia LL
Michałkowa, September 2010