The 90s

1990 “Duality is the content and obsession of the great masks’ catalogue of Natalia LL. It signs the field of her author’s reflection penetrating the moment of unity, but always from a duality point of view… Read more

The 80s

1980 In two texts: “States of concentration” and “A word about body” Natalia LL stressed the most important points of her position in art. Her statements were also a consequence of her critical attitude towards so… Read more

The 70s

1970 This was the decisive year for Natalia LL as she decidedly exposed her artistic attitude and the links with neoavanguard art. In March she participated in Visual Arts Symposium Wrocław ’70 where, together with Z…. Read more

The 60s

During studies (1957—1963) she started her creation in graphics, painting, glass-design and photography. At the school the photography was taught as an additional method for graphics and glass design. Yet Natalia LL became engaged in photography… Read more